Can Pratisoft software work in a practice with multiple computers?

Indeed, Pratisoft software can be used in a network of several computers ; with the advantage that the software can be installed on a single computer that acts as a server, no installation is required to start Pratisoft on a network.

How much does it cost for SAV?

During the warranty period (1 year), you benefit from a free service 6 days per week, in addition to corrective or evolutionary updates. Following the warranty period, the practitioner is recommended to conclude a maintenance contract, 20% of the total amount of acquisition (Example: you pay 2 000 HT for a 10 000,00 dhs acquisition amount). The annual fee includes all the updates and the technical support for 6 days per week from 8:30 am to 7 pm.

Can Pratisoft solutions be used on MAC?

Indeed, Pratisoft solutions are compatible with Windows, Macintosh, and Linux. Only a browser is required to use Pratisoft (Google Chrome is recommended)

The SMS option what is it used for?

The SMS Reminder module is useful for doctors who would like to send bulk reminders to their patients for appointments or wish to have AID MOUBARAK to all of their patients, or to reschedule their scheduled appointments for an unforeseen reason.

How is the backup ensured?

Backup is performed automatically on a daily basis at the doctor’s preferred time and destination (external hard drive, Icloud, dropbox, ….), thus your data is always at your disposal.

For SAV, how does it work?

It is simple, we have a team at your disposal with computers connected to the Internet. In case you experience the slightest problem, one of our technicians will access your computer (after your authorization) and fix your problem quickly.

What about the Mobile version?

Our mobile version allows you to be available outside your practice, get remote access to the patient’s information (based on his history) to have an overview of the records and the possibility to make a mini consultation. It enables you to add notes or remarks until you get back to your practice.