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Check out the reviews and testimonials received from our clients over the past 10 years to make your own opinion about our Practice Management Software.

Since choosing Pratisoft for my practice, managing my records and prescriptions has been transformed. Pratisoft’s team is attentive and proactive, the software is constantly being improved. I recommend it.

Cardiologist in Témara
Dr Loubna CHAMI

Having been looking for a software to manage my medical records, Pratisoft has met my expectations, with its features as a medical software. In addition :
Flexibility, allowing me to customize the configuration according to the consultation models adapted to my practice;
its conviviality and ergonomics provide me with an important time and energy saving whenever I use it.
” Thumbs up ! ” to the technical team for its support and promptness

OB-GYN in Abidjan
Dr KONE Mamourou

Pratisoft is a software that I have been using for 4 years. It is a full featured software that enables me to handle the daily functions of my practice, such as

Patient records management: appointments, consultations, exams requests, prescriptions… etc
Daily and monthly accounting.
Statistics concerning the number of patients and their breakdown depending on the pathology.
The software itself is very useful and scalable, developed by a group of software engineers from MOROCCO who are constantly ready and willing to make improvements and provide assistance whenever a need arises.

Pneumologist in Casa

Dr Khalid Tazi

Being a general practitioner, PRATISOFT enables me to efficiently organize my patients’ files, as well as their follow-ups and profiles, and it also allows me to better control all the accounting of my practice.

General practitioner in Settat
Dr Jamal Friekh

Efficient software, it simplifies the management of the practice, appointments, smooth communication with the assistant via the application with a professional support team, I recommend.

General Practitioner in Casablanca
Dr Loubna kabbaj

« I have been using this software in my practice for 4 years and I must tell you that it has completely transformed the way I work in my practice.

Working with this software allows me to work quickly, efficiently and without having to rely on the secretary to bring a record. Besides, I have been constantly assisted by a competent and efficient team that can handle the smallest comments and complete promptly all my requests.

Personally speaking, I was extremely satisfied, and I recommend it to all of my colleagues. I would have never imagined that I could have access to all the records in one click using my laptop.

Cardiologist in Casablanca
Dr Saad Soulami

I am a pediatrician in Agadir. I have been working with Pratisoft since I started.
Very good service with an assistance matching my expectations, the software is perfectly suited to my practice with upgrades and trainings, very scalable and customizable.
A big thanks to the team, and good luck for the future.

Pediatrician in Agadir
Dr El Idrissi Raja Laila

As a user of Pratisoft, I find it a complete, performant and user friendly software. Particularly, the SAV team is always available to assist the physician in order to master the software and ensure its proper functioning.

I strongly recommand you try it, you will never regret it.

General practitioner in Ouazzane
Dr Mohamed Lazar

The software is practical, easy to use, it helps me a lot with all my tasks, the customer service is perfect

Pneumologist in Temara
Dr Nadia Berrada

Complete and easy to use software (Practice management and accounting)
A well-designed interface
Hotline assistance always available

Dentist in Rabat
Dr Ihsane El Barnoussi

For me, it is a cost-effective application with an excellent quality-price balance, with great benefits in terms of time and paperwork, besides, I have stopped using paper in my office. The database’s form and content are really interesting, and can be customized according to the use and the practice.

Traumatologist in Salé
Dr Samir Belarbi

« Etant d’abord réticent au passage à la gestion informatisé des dossiers patients. Pratisoft a constitué un tournant positif à cette transition. Depuis là mon quotidien a complètement changer. Adieu les dossiers volatiles et le problème de comptabilité. Un programme au multiples avantages que je recommande pour chaque médecin.

Très bon SAV à l’écoute. »

Généraliste à Casa
Dr Mehdi Berrada

I have been working with this software since I started, hamdoullah , I no longer have to archive any paper files.
Very practical and perfectly developed…I can’t work without it anymore.

Cardiologist in Rabat
Dr Belghiti Hasnaa

Having been using Pratisoft for some time, I am very satisfied. The software facilitates the way I manage:
My practice
The appointments
Patients’ records with all details
My accounting
Minor issues are solved remotely via an efficient SAV that can handle any request.

Hopefully, it will maintain the same quality of service, and I recommend it to all colleagues in endocrinology.

Endocrinologist in Rabat
Dr Noussaima El Yaagoubi